“Andy's deep knowledge and love for his subject come through in presentations/seminars and really leave a lasting message.“
Gordon Mehrtens, CFO Biopetrol Industries
Andy Habermacher is a Certified Master Coach and has spent years training and coaching senior executives of major international corporations. His work has given him insights into the functions of a variety of industries from the world's largest banks, to industry, pharmaceutical and chemical. Andy is fascinated with communication and human behaviour and he focuses on brain science in business - he is recognized as a leading expert in Switzerland on NeuroLeadership. His latest book "The Fox Factor" focuses on how we process the image of people rather than the content and the unconscious processes in the mind that are influencing our decisions. Andy passionately believes that neuroscience will help us become more human through understanding the drives of human nature better. Using brain science gives visual clarity and gives a concrete form which makes understanding human behaviour easier - Andy loves putting this into practical applications for business and strategies that you can do right now.

Andy is a British national with a Swiss father. He moved to Switzerland 23 years ago to discover the world. He spent his formative years as a language teacher before venturing into the corporate world and communication training. He carved out a niche with senior executives in Switzerland before focusing more intensively on behavioural coaching. He has worked in recent years with an ever-increasing focus on neuroscience and works in various international collaborations. His current work synthesises a broad range of topics from Artificial Intelligence to Group Genius concepts. Andy always brings this back to a simple to understand human level that will make for better brains in business.
“I have worked with people who have immense knowledge and the ability to share that knowledge in a way that feels meaningful, motivating and inspiring. Andy is among the best that I have encountered in this regard. He has a disarming way of combining a great sense of humour with a sense of professionalism.”
Dr Srinivasan Pillay, Harvard Medical School